Living Our Loyalty

New Alumnae Membership

Welcome to the world of alumnae membership!

In the coming years, you will see the bonds of sisterhood you formed in college continue to grow. The same women who you painted banners, studied, danced, and stayed up late with will be getting married, landing jobs, moving across the country and having babies. You will still laugh, cry and celebrate together, but the reasons why will change.

I encourage you to keep these women and Sigma Kappa close to you. As a new alumna, you get to decide how big of a role Sigma Kappa will play in your life. You can keep in touch with your chapter, volunteer, use Member Central to find sisters in your town, donate to the Sigma Kappa Foundation, join an alumnae chapter, visit for the latest news, pay national alumnae dues or simply follow us on social media. But, most importantly, tell people you are a Sigma Kappa and the impact membership has had on your life.

Loyally in Sigma Kappa,

Janel Reedy, Theta Chi exchange 2